While the grownups are in God’s House, the kids are having fun in the Backyard Club!

Arrive with your Infants through Elementary Schoolers just a few minutes early to check them into the program. Fourth and fifth graders join the grownups in “big church” for the first set of worship. Then, your child is esorted back to the children’s room to join the littler ones for age-appropriate learning activities.

You can expect a Secure, Attentive, Fun and Educational–SAFE!– environment for your children in the Backyard Club.

Secure: Your child will be safe

  • We follow safe check-in/out procedures.
  • All of our children’s workers have passed background checks.
  • Emergency procedures are in place.

Attentive: Your child will be valued

  • Each child is treated as an individual who is unique and precious.
  • We have a high adult-to-child ratio, staffed with people who care about your children.
  • Jesus loves children, and so do we!

Fun: Your child will have a good time!

  • We use songs, skits, games and crafts to make an enjoyable environment.
  • We have multiple safe play areas if kids need to run around and get silly for awhile.
  • We want to help children grow close to Jesus, so it is important that they have fun at church, so they want to come back!

Educational: Your child will learn about Jesus

  • Each lesson has one simple truth, with applications that make sense in the little world of a little one.
  • Every week includes prayer, a little offering, story time, craft time, with plenty of playtime woven throughout. We want your kids to know that Jesus will love them for their whole lives, and that–no matter what or when–they can turn to Hiim for help and hope. And that’s good news for people of all ages!


5172 W McFadden Ave   

Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA