God’s House is formed with people who believe that God has a purpose for their lives, and a purpose for His church. We believe that God has called this church and these people to these purposes:

Connect with God

through meaningful worship that engages your heart and your head. Our teaching is straight from the ancient Scriptures, made intensely personal and practical for a modern world.

Connect with others

through authentic relationships between people who care about Jesus and care about each other. The primary avenue for cultivating deeper relationships at God’s House is through our small groups, which we call Living Rooms. 

Grow in faith

through learning the truth and living the truth. People learn during the worship services, Living Rooms, daily Bible reading and study. They live the truth as they transform to become more like Christ, learning obedience to Him and following His ways in sacrificial service and giving to others.

Go make a difference.

You can live a life with purpose, that changes the world for the better. Click the link for how.


5172 W McFadden Ave   

Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA